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Filter Sand Media



  • High filtration performance
  • High capacity filtration throughout the entire sand bed depth provides more than twice the capacity of multimedia filtration.
  • High Service Flow– 3-4 times that of multimedia with superior filtration.
  • Long lasting media (>5 years) not consumed in the process.
  • Simple periodic backwash keeps the media clean and operating efficiently.


  • RO Pre-treatment–superior SDI reduction
  • Cooling Towers–unequalled Turbidity removal
  • Municipal Water Treatment, pressure and gravity filters–higher flow, lower pressure drop and superior filtration performance
  • Wastewater Polishing–exceptional TSS removal
  • Precipitated metals removal
  • Carwash reclaim and recycling
  • Irrigation

Filter Sand Media


Product Item Product Model Weight Volume Size
420301 GF-FS-0622-1 25kgs 20ltrs 0.6-2.2mm
420302 GF-FS-0622-2 1000kgs 800ltrs 0.6-2.2mm