Zeolite Media


Glacier Zeolite Media is a low cost and environmentally safe means of treating municipal water supplies, sewage effluent, biological wetlands, industrial and mining wastewater discharge and swimming pool and spa water.

  • Provides higher effluent quality by reducing nutrients in the effluent
  • Reduces odours and gases and improve air quality
  • Attracts dispersed particulates and filaments to increase sediment removal
  • Reduces chemical costs (i.e. alum & polymers)
  • Improves sludge dewatering
  • Generates and increases treatment plant capacity
  • Reduces or eliminates capital expenditure of new treatment systems
  • Provides higher quality sludge for better resale value
  • Lowers the ammonia content of waste streams to acceptable levels

Zeolite Media


Product Item Product Model Weight Volume Size
420201 GF-ZEO-0722-1 25kgs 20ltrs 0.7-2.2mm
420202 GF-ZEO-0722-2 1000kgs 800ltrs 0.7-2.2mm