S-120 pic

S-120 Media Trap


Constructed from GRP (Laminated Polyester reinforced with Fibreglass)  and installed on the outlet of a Media Filter vessel, the S-120 Media Trap prevents the loss of filter media in the event of a nozzle failure – this is especially useful in applications where expensive media, resins, ionic exchanger resins and activated carbons are being used and will prevent the media from going all through your installation in the event of a nozzle failure.

S-120 Media Trap


S-120 dia

Maximum Flow Rate:             120m³/h

Maximum Pressure Loss:      0.1 Bar

Design Pressure:                    6 Bar

Dimensions:                           830 x 360 mm

DN Connections:                    DN125 PN10

Material:                                 Laminated Polyester reinforced Fibreglass

Maximum Temp:                   40°C