Metal Manual

METAL Manual Screen Filters


Glacier Filtration are the Australasian Agents for Lama Screen Filtration products, covering Australia and New Zealand.

The METAL Range of Manual Screen Filters are recommended for low flows and have a great filtration surface area and minimum head loss.

Filtration occurs by the physical retention of particles larger than the apertures in the thermo-soldered stainless steel screen. If a larger filtration surface area is required a PVC cartridge can be introduced between the filtration cartridge and the stainless steel screen.

For more information view the datasheet below.

METAL Manual Screen Filters


Manual Screen Filter

7.8 Bar Operating Pressure

Easy to open and clean

Threaded or Flanged connections available

Capacities from 25m³/h – 850m³/h

Screen Apertures from 10 – 3000 micron

15 Bar Operating Pressure options available