Automatic Backwash Screen Filters ORE Series


The ORE series units are very reliable for higher flows, and more demanding applications. The OR series filters are available with full hydraulic backwashing mechanism and the option of electric drive.

  • Capacities up to 45,000 L/min
  • Connection sizes 50 mm to 600 mm
  • Stainless Steel Fine Screen in a variety of sizes
  • Power – Motorized
  • Carbon Steel construction (Stainless on request)

Removes solids of any specific gravity: Sand, Gravity, Algae, Pollen, Silt, Microbiological growth, Bugs, Scale, Rust and Mussels.

From virtually any water source: Cooling Towers, Rivers, Lakes, Wells, Ponds, Reservoirs.

Industry proven: HVAC, Chemical, Hydocarbon, Plastics, Food, Sugar, Mining, Steel, Automotive, Paper, Pharmaceutical, Power, Sewage Treatment.


Automatic Backwash Screen Filters ORE Series


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