Ultra Filtration Systems Containerised


Glacier’s Containerised Ultra Filtration (UF) systems will remove Bacteria, Microorganisms, Particulate Material and Natural Organic Matter from water – this also helps to remove colour, tastes and odours from the water as well.

Naturally, by filtration and without chemicals Glacier’s Ultra Filtration systems will remove any particle larger than 0.02 micron, including suspended solids and turbidity from almost any water source.

  • Produces clear and bacteria-free water
  • Has a pressure drop of only 0.5 bar
  • Can be easily cleaned thanks to the optimised module construction
  • Has exchangeable and cleanable modules and therefore resulting in low maintenance costs
  • Has compact modular construction
  • Is easily optimised to meet changing requirements
  • Can be integrated into the building control technology
  • Means that the utilisation of chemicals in the drinking water system is no longer required

Systems comprise of modules, controller, valves, wiring and pipework as well as PLC controllers with automatic forward and back flushing functions. Installed in container.

Ultra Filtration Systems Containerised


To discuss your specific requirements for Ultra Filtration Systems please contact us at sales@glacierfiltration.com