Custom Designed Ultra Violet Disinfection Systems


Glacier Filtration offer a wide range of UV Disinfection Systems for any application, we offer chemical-free water treatment through validated and CFD optimised UV Disinfection Systems.

Each UV system Glacier Filtration delivers is designed for the specific site it will be installed and according to the operational parameters and variables that the system will encounter. Glacier Filtration carefully considers the practical situation, target organisms and site-specific properties of your application to provide the right solution.

Custom design of your system includes the use of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) technology to assist with the correct lamp placement and chamber design to give you the outcomes you require, each design is validated with biodosimetric tests giving you a guarantee from the manufacturer that your system works and your water is safe.

Prior to leaving the factory, all systems (chambers, control cabinets etc) are thoroughly hydraulically and electrically tested and site-specific settings are programmed into the controller.

  • Site-specific design using CFD technology
  • Low and Medium Pressure UV Systems
  • In-line and L-shaped chamber configurations
  • Third Party validated UV Systems
  • Manual and Automatic Anti-fouling mechanisms
  • Internal and External UV Sensors
  • Longtitudinal, Perpendicular and Mixed Flow Lamp placement
  • Lambda5 PLC Controllers – MODBUS and SCADA connections


Custom Designed Ultra Violet Disinfection Systems


For your Customised Ultra Violet Disinfection requirements please contact a team member at