Medium Pressure Ultra Violet Disinfection


The DeltaLine Series of UV Systems are typically used in low transmittance (high absorbance) water applications such as wastewater (both communal and industrial) and drain water for greenhouse type operations.

Manufactured in The Netherlands, the DeltaLine series are equipped with a motor driven cleaning device which prevents fouling and protects the quartz sleeves and UV sensor.

  • In-line chamber configuration
  • Medium Pressure polychromatic UV lamps
  • Lamps positioned perpendicular to flow
  • Dismantling flanges/cap for easy maintenance
  • Viewport for quick inspection
  • Internal UV sensor
  • Motor-driven anti-fouling mechanism
  • Temperature controlled
  • High-grade 316L Stainless Steel
  • Robust construction

Each DeltaLine unit is tested, validated and certified by the manufacturer prior to delivery to the customer. Results and documentation of the testing and certification process for each UV system are provided to the customer upon delivery.

DeltaLine UV Systems are designed using CFD technology for each specific application, for more information regarding your project please contact Glacier Filtration.

Medium Pressure Ultra Violet Disinfection


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