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supplier of pressure filter vessels, screen and disc filtration


The Rotorflush Filterpump is a submersible pump with an integral self-cleaning intake filter. This unique self-cleaning intake filter enables the pump to operate in water contaminated with a high degree of suspended solids without blocking or affecting the performance of the pump.

How it works:

A rotating impeller with two angled jets sits inside the intake filter screen, the blue arrows show the main flow of water being sucked into the pump through the screen. The red arrows show filtered water inside the filter being diverted into the impeller and ejected out through the rotating jets.

The Rotorflush RF Series are self-cleaning filter screens for attachment to the suction hose of a surface mounted pump. Fitted with either tough nylon filter mesh or stainless steel mesh for coarser applications.

How it works:

The RF Series have an internal cleaning rotor that is powered by taking a ‘T’ off the output of the pump to supply the internal cleaning rotors – this supply continuously backwashes the mesh screen, blowing away anything that may cause it to block.