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Automesh: New Improved Screen Filter

Glacier Filtration has the new Lama Automesh Screen Filter which boasts massive screen surface area and intelligent backwash functionality.


The main new feature is the system’s groundbreaking filter cartridge. The Automesh Screen Filter cartridge has been designed with a honeycomb structure, fully injected in polyamide. It is currently the largest and most effective filtering surface on the market.

Steel Surface Treatment

The  Automesh carbon steel filter body is now thicker and is Nanotechnology treated, a surface treatment for carbon steel products.The steel elements are treated internally and externally. They can be also made in ebonite for seawater and corrosive water.


It is carried out automatically using a set of nozzles which go over the whole surface of the screen. Automesh manages with only one turn of the aspiration mechanism eliminating the dirt accumulated in the filtering cartridge.

The self-cleaning and filtration processes are compatible and can be run simultaneously. The other added benefit is the filter does not have the axial transfer function, characteristic of other filtration systems. Automesh only makes rotation while cleaning.

Physical filtration occurs in screen filters due to the retention of solids in suspension in water between the holes of the sieve. The screen behaves like a sieve that allows dirt with a smaller particle size than its holes to pass through, and retains grains larger than the holes.

The  screen filter cartridges are manufactured with different opening sizes: from 3 mm to 0.01 mm for manual filters (with an opening size of 0.130 mm for those supplied as standard), and from 1 mm to 0.02 mm for self-cleaning filters (with the standard being 0.190 mm).

The cartridges have a significantly higher number of mesh openings, compared to those manufactured entirely from stainless steel.

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