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Benefits of Installing Media Trap (1)

Benefits of Installing a Media Trap Downstream of your Filtration Plant

Why Do I need a Media Trap

Media traps offer an inexpensive way to avoid the expensive problems and chaos that develop when ion exchange resin or other media unintentionally reaches process areas or downstream process equipment.

What is a Media Trap

A media/resin trap is a very simple screening device which is installed on the downstream side of your Ion Exchange/Media Filtration Plant. The slots are small enough to retain upstream ion exchange resins and other filtration media in the event of a broken lateral or under drain failure without increasing friction loss in your system. 


  • Simple Insurance Against Catastrophic Plant & Product Damage
  • Prevents Media From Entering Distribution Loop & Tanks
  • Protects Downstream Pumps & Equipment From Damage
  • Prevents Loss of Media During Backwash Cycle

With the ability to design and manufacture Media Traps in all sizes to meet all flow rate requirements, constructed from PVC, GRP, Polyester Coated Mild Steel and Stainless Steel.

We are able to discuss your requirements and ensure you are adequately protected against the extensive loss of media in an unwanted event of a failure.

Don’t wait till disaster strikes before realising the true value of having a Media Trap installed.

For more information on Media Traps click HERE 

Media Trap