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Polyamide Pressure Filter Vessels (3)2

Polyamide 6, known as Nylon 6, is a versatile thermoplastic material belonging to the nylon polymer family. With a recurring amide group (-CONH-) in its structure, this polymer boasts a semi-crystalline composition that offers exceptional mechanical properties like high tensile strength and impressive impact resistance.

PA6 stands out in the water treatment industry thanks to its array of beneficial properties, including:

– Superior strength and durability

– Excellent wear resistance

– Reliable dimensional stability

– Resilience to heat, chemicals, and moisture, maintaining its integrity even under harsh conditions

– Effective electrical insulation capabilities

At Glacier Filtration , we proudly present a unique selection of Polyamide Pressure Filter Vessels, bag filters, and cartridge filters crafted from Polyamide-6. These products feature a one-piece molded design with an inner liner of Ethylene Acid Acopolymer for enhanced chemical resistance.

Our Polyamide Pressure Filter Vessels and Bag and Cartridge range represent the strongest filters on the market today, ensuring consistent quality and reliability for our clients and operators, guaranteeing operational peace of mind.

Why choose Polyamide?

  • Non-corrosive: 100% Manufactured in Plastic Materials (PA6, PE, PP)
  • Suited to all water types, including Sea Water and Acidic Water
  • 10.4 Bar Operating Design Pressure
  • 42 Bar Burst Pressure
  • Vacuum Resistant – load media and resins using vacuum/blower systems
  • One-piece moulded construction – No leaks!
  • Fatigue and Abrasion resistant
  • UV Stabilised
  • High Mechanical strength
  • Suited to pH from 0-14
  • 100% Recyclable by depolymerisation 
  • Large range of configurations and additional features available


Experience the unrivalled strength of Polyamide, setting the benchmark as the STRONGEST material in the water treatment industry today.