Holcim RDC - Stormwater

Glacier Filtration designed and supplied a prepackaged skid-mounted filtration system to filter and treat captured stormwater run-off at Holcim’s new Regional Distribution Centre at Rooty Hill. This system consists of Media Filtration, Screen Filtration and Ultra-Violet Disinfection with Backwash lines complete with the relevant control panels and pre-programmed control software incorporated into the system. This system is skid-mounted and pre-wired and tested, upon arrival at the Rooty Hill RDC it is forked off the back of the truck and into position, connected to mains power and inlet/outlet connections are connected and it is ready for immediate operation. Glacier Filtration also supplied the Filter Feed pumps, Sewage Grinder pumps, Flow Meters and other equipment for the Holcim Rooty Hill RDC. holcim

Sydney, NSW
Stormwater Reuse
Pre-packaged Treatment System
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