Broken Bay - NSW Dept Sport & Recreation

Glacier Filtration supplied an Ultra Violet Disinfection and a PH Dosing System to NSW Department of Sport and Recreation’s Broken Bay Centre. The Broken Bay Sport & Rec site is located near the mouth of the Hawkesbury River and is only accessible by boat, The water for the centre is fed from natural springs out of rock formations and is collected and drained off into holding tanks near the water’s edge. From here the water is pumped uphill to two large holding tanks above the accommodation buildings, Glacier Filtration supplied an Ultra Violet Disinfection system that is situated between these tanks and the accommodation buildings to disinfect the water before it enters the mains for potable use. As the spring water has a low pH Glacier Filtration supplied a pH correction system which has rectified the issue before the water is stored in the large holding tanks. sport-n-rec

Broken Bay, NSW
Drinking Water Treatment
UV Disinfection, pH Dosing
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