McDonalds Restaurants - Rainwater Harvesting

McDonalds Restaurants Australia-wide use treated rainwater captured in detention tanks for toilet flushing, hand washing and irrigating in order to conserve water and enhance the environmental footprint of their restaurants. Glacier Filtration designed and builds a prepackaged Rainwater Harvesting System configured specially for McDonalds to enable their restaurants to treat and use their captured rainwater for non-potable use. The Glacier RWH 240 System is specified in the Master Design Documentation for all McDonalds Restaurants in Australia, we have many of these systems installed and operating in McDonalds Restaurants throughout Australia. maccas The Glacier RWH240 McDonalds system is available with either a surface mounted or a submersible pump, depending on the requirements for each site and comprises two stages of screen filtration as well as UV Disinfection and includes Automatic Backwash Timing and Differential Pressure switching for optimum performance.

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