Paine Reserve Bore Filtration

  Randwick City Council uses bore water to irrigate the playing fields at Paine Reserve, however the bore water has a high Iron concentration and low pH which causes the iron to stain the turf and concrete, the water also needs to be disinfected to manage the health risks of irrigating public spaces. Before the treatment system was installed the bore water had Iron levels of  9.7mg/ltr and pH6.  After the treatment system was installed the Iron levels were 0.05mg/ltr and the pH was 7.8 Glacier Filtration supplied a treatment system consisting of a Calcite Media Filter System utilising the new Polyamide PA1 Media Filters, Ultra Violet Disinfection and an Iron Treatment system complete with aerator, filter and backwash assembly. All systems were installed complete with the required valves, piping, media and flow meters. randwick

Sydney, NSW
Bore Water Filtration
Iron Removal System
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