Saxbys Softdrinks - Filtration & Disinfection

Glacier Filtration were engaged to design and supply filtration and disinfection equipment for Saxby’s Softdrinks. Their process water was coming from the mains supply and occasionally they were experiencing levels of impurities (for e.g. broken water mains in the area) in the water supply which had the potential to shut down the process plant and cost them dearly in down time. Glacier Filtration assessed the site and recommended a system which would filter and treat the full flow of water for process, which incorporated Ultra Filtration, Activated Carbon Filtration for residual chlorine removal and enhanced taste, and Ultra Violet Disinfection for complete and final guarantee of pathogenic control. The system is extremely efficient, very small footprint and very economical to operate and maintain. saxbys-logo-nav-2x

Taree, NSW
Process Water Filtration & Disinfection
Ultra-Filtration, Ultra-Violet Disinfection, Carbon Filtration
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