Thredbo Ski Resort - RF400AE

Glacier Filtration was approached by Thredbo Ski Resort to provide a solution to an issue that was occurring on their river water intake, these intakes being fitted with mesh screens were frequently clogging and needing to be cleaned manually, costing time and causing a nuisance. Glacier supplied a Rotorflush RF400AE Self-cleaning Intake Strainer that is attached to the end of the suction line inside the wet well where the water is pumped up to a storage tank. The RF400AE unit has its own integral backwash pump to run the cleaning function independently of the output of the main pump, Glacier supplied this with the appropriate rails, brackets and adaptors to enable this to be fitted in the wet well and the unit to be raised and lowered easily for maintenance purposes (if required at all!). thredbo-logo

Thredbo, NSW
River Water Intake Filtration
RF Series Intake Strainer
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