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The RF100AN Analyser Filter System

The RF100AN Analyser Filter System is a revolutionary new product specifically designed to provide filtered samples for analysers and dosing pump systems with almost no maintenance. It is excellent for filtering difficult samples contaminated with suspended solids for supply to chlorine, ammonia and other analysers. The small 120 watt pump ...
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Vic 2019

82nd Victorian WIOA Conference & Exhibition 4 & 5 September 2019

Glacier Filtration will be exhibiting at the 82nd Victorian WIOA Water Industry Operations Conference & Exhibition held in Bendigo on the 4th and 5th September 2019. Displaying our full range of Pressure Filter Vessels and the unique Rotorflush range including a live display of the RF100AN analyser filtration system. If you’re ...
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Benefits of Installing Media Trap (1)

Benefits of Installing a Media Trap

Benefits of Installing a Media Trap Downstream of your Filtration Plant Why Do I need a Media Trap Media traps offer an inexpensive way to avoid the expensive problems and chaos that develop when ion exchange resin or other media unintentionally reaches process areas or downstream process equipment.  What is ...
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Are you looking for the highest quality pressure vessels for your next project?

24 x Polyamide Pressure Vessels installed in two (2) Containerised Water Treatment Plants by one of our clients. They were chosen by our client for their flexibility in design options and consistency in quality and reliability.  Installing a sight glass at top bed height level enables visual inspection during service ...
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Rotorflush Filterpump

No More Blocked Pumps- the Revolutionary Filterpump

NO MORE BLOCKED PUMPS!  The revolutionary filterpump is a unique product combining pumping and filtration into one unit and is virtually impossible to block. Glacier Filtration now offers a huge range of larger filterpumps giving you a far greater choice of flow rates and pressures. The submersible pumps with integral ...
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Why Our Clients Choose GS20 Screen Filters

GF-GS20 Reverse Rinsing screen filters ensure a continuous supply of filtered water. The GS20 is a high flow capacity water filter used to remove sediment and debris from residential, commercial or industrial water systems. Used as a prefilter, the GS20 protects elements of the water system, including specialized treatment devices ...
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44th Queensland WIOA Conference & Exhibition 5 & 6 June 2019

Glacier Filtration is proud to be exhibiting at the 44th Queensland Water Industry Operations Conference and Exhibition to be held at the Bundaberg Multiplex Centre on the 5 & 6 June 2019. If you are an operator, manager, engineer, consultant, professional or someone who is working in the water industry ...
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Automesh: New Improved Screen Filter

Glacier Filtration has the new Lama Automesh Screen Filter which boasts massive screen surface area and intelligent backwash functionality. System/Features The main new feature is the system’s groundbreaking filter cartridge. The Automesh Screen Filter cartridge has been designed with a honeycomb structure, fully injected in polyamide. It is currently the ...
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Quality Custom Pressure Filter Vessels for PFAS Projects.

High quality pressure vessels are of paramount importance to the water remediation industry. Vessels not manufactured to the correct specifications or from the correct raw materials, can be detrimental to the success of your remediation project. Often these poor quality vessels will lead to premature failure causing major onsite disruptions, ...
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Importance of Quality Pressure Vessels in the Water Industry

Quality Doesn’t Cost - It Pays. How important is ensuring your Pressure Filter Vessel safety? Going by its definition, it is actually very important as the vessel is designed to hold gases or liquids at a pressure substantially different from the ambient pressure. If it doesn't, the consequences can be ...
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