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Disc Filtration/Disc Filters

Disc filters are used in applications around the world to remove suspended matter from wastewater streams. They are suitable for filtering many types of contaminants, such as fine sand and organic matter.

New uses for this proven technology are continuously being found. Once used only for irrigation, today’s applications of disc filters include municipal, domestic and industrial wastewater treatment, food processing, textile manufacturing, cooling towers, steel mills and several others.

How They Work

Disc filters are like screen filters in that they offer the same positive two-dimensional filtering surface. But with disc filters, you get the added dimension of depth filtration with the filter cartridge consisting of stacked discs.

The discs each have a hole in the middle which form a cylinder in the middle of their stack. The surfaces of the discs have grooves. During filtration, the fluid surrounds the stacked filtration discs. It then flows through the grooved passages into the central cylinder and then out of the unit.

The filtration quality depends on the size and quantity of particles the filtering element can hold. The higher the level of filtration, the cleaner the water. The levels of filtration the discs can provide are, in most cases, denoted using a colour-code. The usual range is between 25 microns (fine) to 400 microns (coarse).

Some disc filters, usually the smaller ones, need manual cleaning. It’s common for the larger ones to backflush in a way that separates and spins the discs. This results in a self-cleaning function.

Disc Filter Applications

Removing solid particles from water streams is not only paramount for energy and thermodynamic purposes. It also maximises effective chemical disinfection. Disc filtration is unique in that it can separate particles of both solid and organic nature. So, in an industrial process, it can replace what would otherwise be two systems (to buy, install, maintain and run).

Disc filters range in size from small units used for drip irrigation, for example, to large banks of several filters built to handle large volumes of water as necessary in industrial and agricultural applications.

Disc filtration is used in many industries. These range from mining to municipal wastewater to power generation to aquaculture. In cases whereby water softeners or ion exchange technologies are used, conducting disc pre-filtration before the final water conditioning can extend the systems life by significantly reducing its load.

Glacier Filtration Disc Filters

Glacier Filtration has offices in both Australia and New Zealand. We stock a range of high-quality disc filters for different applications. Besides our large inventory, we offer custom manufacturing to client design requirements. We do this on-site which greatly reduces turnaround times.

Our disc filters are available in a range of sizes, some of which have a built-in self-cleaning function. Our range offers varying degrees of:

  • Filtration – 50 microns to 250 microns
  • Flow rate – 8 cubic metres per hour to 8136 cubic metres per hour
  • Maximum operating pressure – 8 bar to 10 bar