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CALADO Automatic Screen Filters

Glacier Filtration is the Australasian agent for Lama Screen Filtration products, covering Australia and New Zealand.

The Calado range of filters offers the largest and most effective filtering surface and are suitable for small spaces due to the vertical morphology of the filter unit.

The filter is made up of three chambers and two filter cartridges. The Calado range’s electrical systems do away with linear displacement, which enables improvements in the cleaning system. The nozzles are in constant contact with the screen surface during backwash, rubbing the particles from the screen. The centre of the nozzles create an airlock and suck the particles from the screen area using 100% of the water flow from the backwash.

The Calado range does not have the axial transfer functions that are characteristic of other screen filter brands and only rotates during backwash.


  • Automatic Screen Filter
  • Unique Self-cleaning System
  • Screen Apertures from 1.5mm – 0.01mm
  • Flow Capacities from 13m³/h – 143m³/h
  • Maximum Operating Pressure 10Bar
  • Also available with Ebonite coatings for corrosive and seawater applications.