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GRP Horizontal Pressure Filter Vessels

Glaciers GRP Horizontal Filter Vessels are constructed from laminated polyester reinforced with fibreglass. They are customised for the specific project at hand and are designed and manufactured in accordance with Internationally Recognised Design Codes and Standards for pressure vessels.

  • Fully customisable to your requirements
  • Vessel diameters from 1440mm to 2800mm as standard
  • Vessel lengths from 2900mm to 7040mm as standard
  • Pressure ratings from 2.5 Bar to 6 Bar
  • Vessels fitted with sight glasses on request
  • Additional manholes fitted on request
  • Fitted with lifting devices
  • Top distribution – polyester diffusers with PVC Pipes
  • Bottom distribution – polypropylene distributors with PVC pipes
  • Customised to media requirements – sand, activated carbon etc


To discuss your specific requirements for Horizontal Pressure Filter Vessels please contact us at sales@glacierfiltration.com

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  • GRP Horizontal Pressure Filter Vessels