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Polyamide Pressure Vessels

Glacier’s range of unique polyamide pressure filters vessel for water treatment is manufactured from Polyamide-6. This range consists of a one-piece moulded construction with an internal liner of ethylene acid acopolymer to give greater chemical resistance.

Polyamide pressure filter vessels are the strongest filter vessels available on the market today. They offer consistently superior quality, reliability and give clients and operators peace of mind surrounding their operational integrity.

Why choose Polyamide Pressure Vessels?

  • Non-corrosive: 100% manufactured in plastic materials (PA6, PE, PP)
  • Suited to all water types, including seawater and acidic water
  • 10 Bar operating pressure
  • 42 Bar burst pressure
  • Vacuum resistant – load media and resins using vacuum/blower systems
  • One-piece moulded construction – no leaks!
  • Fatigue and abrasion-resistant
  • UV stabilised
  • High mechanical strength
  • Will handle any pH from 0-14 easily
  • Large range of configurations and additional features available
  • The STRONGEST pressure vessel available on the market today


Multimedia Filter, Sand Filters, GAC Filters, Deep bed Filters, Water Softeners, Ion Exchange, Demineralisation and Remineralisation processes, Groundwater Remediation, Zeolite Filters and can be used with any type of filter media, resin, or activated carbons.