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RF1500R Self-cleaning Strainers

The RF1500R series of industrial intake strainers are designed for large volume, low maintenance water abstraction and filtration.

The RF1500 series are self-cleaning coarse screened strainers with capacities from 600 m3/hour to 1000 m3/hour. The strainers are all stainless steel construction and the filter mesh sizes are 3mm and 6mm as standard. Filters with mesh sizes from 1mm to 10mm can be provided.

The continuous automatic backwash ensures that debris is kept clear of the screen which in turn prevents blinding, and aquatic life from being sucked into the pump system.

  • Stainless Steel filter mesh
  • Filter mesh sizes 1mm – 10mm
  • Highly reliable and easy to use
  • 1000 m3/hour maximum flow
  • Reduced capital, installation and maintenance costs
  • All Stainless Steel construction including rotors
  • 304SS or 316SS grade steel as required

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