Hydrocyclones are used as a pre-filter to remove debris, sand and heavy silt loads and large particles from water in order to lessen the load on primary filters and ensure optimum performance.

Centrifugal force causes particles with a specific weight greater than water to spin at high speed onto the filter walls in a tangential direction and the particles gravitate to the bottom of the hydrocyclone where they are retained in the bleed tank at the bottom while the water flow continues our the top of the hydrocyclone.

Glacier’s Hydrocyclones incorporate a bleed tank in which dirt and particles accumulate and should be emptied on a frequent basis either manually using a wrench or with the incorporation of an optional automatic self-cleaning kit.

  • Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel construction available
  • Epoxy Polyester coating
  • 10 Bar operating pressure
  • 15 Bar operating pressure
  • Easy cleaning/purge function (no disassembly required)
  • Flow rates from 12m³/h to 60m³/h available



Model                      Connections                    Flow Limit

GF-HI1M               1 1/2″ Thread M             12m³/hour

GF-HID2               2″ Vic                             22m³/hour

GF-HI2E               2″ Thread M                  22m³/hour

GF-HID3               3″ Flange                      50m³/hour

GF-HID3C             3″ Flange                     25m³/hour

GF-HID4               4″ Flange                     60m³/hour

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