Custom Steel Tank

Steel Pressure Vessels


Glacier’s Steel Pressure Vessels are constructed from either Stainless Steel or Carbon Steel and have an internal epoxy liner (food grade suitable) and an external epoxy and polyurethane coating.

Vessels are available in Ebonite for Seawater and Corrosive applications and can be customised for high temperature operation to withstand water up to 115°C in normal operations.

Vessels are designed for optimum performance with low service velocities (5-10m/h) to deliver high quality filtration.

  • 4 Bar Operating Pressure as standard
  • 10 Bar and 16 Bar available on request
  • Diameters from 350mm – 3000mm as standard
  • Custom built sizes available
  • Nozzle Plate Floor or Lateral Distribution Systems
  • Manways and Sight-glasses available
  • Suitable for Seawater and Corrosive applications


Steel Pressure Vessels


Common Applications:

Sand Filtration, Media Filtration, Multi-Media Filtration, Depth Filtration, Deep Bed Media Filtration, Ion Exchange and more.

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