EKOLU Hydraulic Screen Filters


Glacier Filtration are the Australasian Agents for Lama Screen Filtration products, covering Australia and New Zealand.

The Ekolu Range of Screen Filters have a Prefilter cartridge to remove coarse debris.

The Ekolu is a hydraulic filter with a programmer that cannot be modified by the end user. The programmer can be used with batteries or with a transformer. It is very easy to handle, with a compact design that responds to the needs of any application.

The Hydraulic Backwash system uses PVC nozzles to create a cleaning vacuum which ranges along the filter screen and sucks particles and solids off the screen, driven by hydraulic power and uses very little water.

EKOLU Hydraulic Screen Filters


Line Power driven Screen Filter

Self-cleaning filter screen

Screen Apertures from 1.5mm to 0.01mm

Flow Capacities from 30m³/h – 580m³/h

Maximum Operating Pressure 10 Bar

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