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Rotorflush RF Series Self-cleaning Strainers – How they work.

The Rotorflush RF Series are self-cleaning filter screens for attachment to the suction hose of a surface mounted pump. Fitted with either tough nylon filter mesh or stainless steel mesh for coarser applications.

How it works:

The RF Series have an internal cleaning rotor that is powered by taking a ‘T’ off the output of the pump to supply the internal cleaning rotors – this supply continuously backwashes the mesh screen, blowing away anything that may cause it to block.

The RF Series are also available with a separate electric motor to drive the internal cleaning rotors independently of pump output if required.

  • Virtually impossible to block
  • Prevents aquatic life, sediments, rubbish & organic matter entering pump
  • Suitable for any water with high degree of suspended solids
  • Reduces the need for settlement tanks
  • Reduced capital, installation and maintenance costs

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