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Rotorflush Submersible Filter Pumps – How they work

The Rotorflush Filterpump is a submersible pump with an integral self-cleaning intake filter. This unique self-cleaning intake filter enables the pump to operate in water contaminated with a high degree of suspended solids without blocking or affecting the performance of the pump.

How it works:

A rotating impeller with two angled jets sits inside the intake filter screen, the blue arrows show the main flow of water being sucked into the pump through the screen. The red arrows show filtered water inside the filter being diverted into the impeller and ejected out through the rotating jets.

The angled jets direct water back through the filter mesh, removing any detritus that is beginning to block the screen and also making the jets rotate at 60RPM.

The self-cleaning Rotorflush filter is completely cleaned every 1/2 second which keeps any solids away from the filter screen and prevents them from entering the pump system.

This very efficient self-cleaning action allows fine filter meshes to be fitted without fear of blocking.

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