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Air scour is a process used in pressure filter vessels, specifically in water treatment systems. Pressure filter vessels are commonly employed for the removal of suspended solids and impurities from water. Over time, the filter media can become fouled or clogged with particles, reducing their effectiveness. Air scour is a technique employed to clean and rejuvenate the filter media.

During the air scour process, air is introduced into the filter vessel in the opposite direction of the normal flow of water. The injected air agitates the filter media, causing it to expand and break up any accumulated solids or debris. This agitation helps dislodge the trapped particles from the filter media, allowing them to be carried away by the backwash water.

The key objectives of air scour in pressure filter vessels include:

  • Media Cleaning: Air scour helps prevent the clogging of filter media by dislodging accumulated particles, ensuring that the filter remains efficient.
  • Extended Filter Life: Regular use of air scour can extend the lifespan of the filter media by preventing the build-up of impurities.
  • Improved Filtration Efficiency: By keeping the filter media clean, air scour helps maintain the filtration efficiency of the pressure filter vessel, ensuring that it consistently produces high-quality treated water.
  • Reduced Backwash Water Requirements: Air scour can reduce the amount of water needed for backwashing since it helps break up and release trapped particles, making them easier to remove during the backwash cycle.


In summary, air scour is an integral part of the maintenance and operation of pressure filter vessels in water treatment systems. It plays a crucial role in keeping the filter media clean and ensuring the efficient removal of suspended solids from the water being treated.