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Why Our Clients Choose GS20 Screen Filters

GF-GS20 Reverse Rinsing screen filters ensure a continuous supply of filtered water.

The GS20 is a high flow capacity water filter used to remove sediment and debris from residential, commercial or industrial water systems.

Used as a prefilter, the GS20 protects elements of the water system, including specialized treatment devices and other common fixtures and appliances. The flow, filtering capacity, and ease of cleaning make the GS20 the ideal filter for the most demanding applications.

Ranging in sizes from 15mm – 100mm we have your application covered. Screen apertures from 20micron to 200micron and with the ability to option any of these units with automatic rinsing via timer and pressure differential.

The G11S automatic actuator opens and closes the ball valve according to the set time interval. The opening of the ball valve causes a differential pressure within the filter which activates the reverse rinsing function. Volt free contacts are available for monitoring of the filter performance.

The DPS20 differential pressure switch actuates the reverse rinsing operation by comparing the pressures across the inlet to outlet of the screen. If the differential pressure rises above the set value, then the contacts are closed which initiates activation of reverse rinse cycle.

Standard models are designed to operate at pressures from 150kpa-1600kpa and temperatures to 50DegC.

Models are available for high temperature and high pressure applications. With the option to select a full bronze bodied filter will increase pressure range to 2500kpa and temperatures to 70DegC

The GS20 uses a built-in backwash impeller for efficient cleaning with supply pressures as low as 140kpa. No shut-off or disassembly is required for cleaning and the design of the internal bypass eliminates the possibility of contamination from stagnant water. During backwashing, the GS20 continues to supply filtered water without interruption through a secondary screen.

You can depend on this filter, reliable, effective, efficient and adaptive system which has the ability to reduce your maintenance costs and costly downtime.



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