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CENTRIFUGAL Screen Filters

Glacier Filtration is the Australasian agent for Lama Screen Filtration products, covering Australia and New Zealand.

The CENTRIFUGAL range of manual screen filters is suited for water containing suspended sand and particles.

Filtration occurs by the physical retention of particles larger than the apertures of the stainless steel heat-welded screen.

The centrifugal screen filters remove suspended particles from the water flow with the centrifugal effect caused by the specially designed inlet to the filter cartridge. A set of rubber plugs are supplied with each unit in order to generate a loss of load in the filter of 5 M.C.A.

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  • Manual Screen Filter
  • 7.8 Bar Operating Pressure
  • Threaded or Flanged Connections
  • Capacities from 25m³/h – 850m³/h
  • Screen Apertures from 10 – 3000 micron
  • 15 Bar Operating Pressure options on request
  • Easy to open and clean