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RF100AN Analyser Filter System


The RF100AN is a revolutionary new product specifically designed to provide filtered samples for analysers with almost no maintenance.

The small 120 watt pump drives the self cleaning filter and delivers the sample to your analyser. It is excellent at filtering difficult samples up to 2% Total Suspended Solids.

The wall mounted unit has a connection at the bottom of the cylinder for the incoming fluid to be sampled, the majority exiting back to source via the connection at the top right of the cylinder. The filter system withdraws a sample and delivers it your analyser via the small valve at the top of the pump.

  • Up to 20 Litres per minute
  • Filter Screens – 50, 100, 300 microns available
  • Pump- Mag Drive with polypropylene casing and impeller
  • Pump Power requirement- 230 watts 240v 50 hz or 115v 60hz
  • Self Cleaning Filter Head- Acetal & polypropylene
  • Filter Mesh- Nylon monofilament
  • Cleaning Rotor bush – 316 stainless steel
  • Filter container-PVC
  • Backing Board-PVC


Free use when promoting Rotorflush Photo by Tony Charnock Devon, Dorset, Somerset 07770 484888



RF100AN Analyser Filter System


Product Code Product Model kW Micron Max flow
210347 GF-RF100AN 50, 100, 300
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